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Important Information Regarding Changes to DCLI Road Service Policy -- PLEASE READ

Effective 7/1/2014 DCLI Implements New Road Service Policy

A network of approved road service vendors has been established nationwide to provide emergency road service to motor carriers using DCLI chassis.

Truckers have the option of calling the DCLI Vendor Network and securing road service.  At the time of service it will be determined which party will be billed for the service.

The vendor will document and remove all parts associated with the repairs, including tires, alleviating the motor carrier of the responsibility to return parts or tires for reimbursement.

A more detailed explanation will be found in the below “DCLI Vendor Assist Emergency Road Service Procedure”.

This program does not cover equipment sourced from pools such as CCM, GACP or HRCP, all roadside related issues must be addressed with the pools interchanging the equipment.

The program is for EMERGENCY road service only.  Local DCLI can also help you if you have any questions.

Please note, the program is NOT mandatory. Should a motor carrier wish to, that motor carrier may select and call their own preferred road service vendor. However, the motor carrier will be responsible for returning any components or tires that they wish to claim as defective and for which they will seek reimbursement. Likewise, they will have to invoice, with documentation, DCLI for the recovery of any valid road service costs incurred outside of the Vendor Assist Program.  See "Trucker Option Emergency Road Service Procedure" below for details.

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